Admission Procedure


Admission will be granted to prospective students who:

  • Have successfully completed primary school
  • Have purchased our online entrance scratch cards and register online
  • Have met with the requirement of the Entrance Examination
  • Have participated successfully in a personal interview conducted by the school
  • Submitted records of past achievements in primary school, and officially stamped and signed by their Headmasters/Headmistresses.
  • Completed our required application form
  • Are ready to live in the Boarding house and pay prescribed fees.
  • Are ready to abide by the school’s rules and regulations and ready to submit himself to discipline.

Method of Application…

prospective students are expected to purchase our online application scratch card for our Entrance examination at our designated Centers and proceed for online registration via 

Thereafter, a registration slip is generated by the system which must be printed out by every registered student and submitted to the school along with their Birth Certificate  and Local Government of Origin on the Entrance examination date during screening.

Again, Prospective students should check back for Oral interview qualification status after few Days/Weeks via the Application link above using their application card Pin   .

Successful candidates are expected to print out their online entrance examination slip  required for clearance in the School during the Oral interview.